Accommodated Testing

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The DRC Testing Center facilitates close to 11,000 exams a year for students registered with our office. We proctor academic exams that would otherwise be administered in-class.

Important SPRING 2018 announcements:

Starting Spring 2018, students will be asked to turn in cell phones at the front desk prior to testing.  You may also leave your phone in your bag and place your bag in the storage closet at the front of the office. No cell phones will be permitted in testing space.

In effort to ensure all testing accommodations are met, the DRC is moving towards retaining testing computers primarily for students that require assistive technology or alternate format accommodations. Our testing computers are intended for individuals that have computer-based exams that take place in a classroom setting.

We encourage students with online Canvas exams or Proctor U exams to test at home or to utilize alternate spaces around campus, such as the Proctor U Rooms in Library West. For more information on Proctor U Rooms and to determine where students are recommended to test based on common accommodations, visit our FAQ page.

The main Testing Center is conveniently located in the DRC Reid Hall location.

During peak testing times, we utilize other locations on campus for testing. Students should check their email regularly in case exam locations get moved to an alternate building on campus. All correspondence will be sent to UFL email addresses at least 24 hour prior to the exam.

graphic with map of drc, disability resource center locates at Reid Hall Ground Floor/South Entrance, contact number is 3523928565

graphic with map of disability resource center, located at Reid Hall Ground Floor South Entrance

Monday through Friday, 7:30am-10:30pm. All exams must cease by 10:30pm

Phone: 352-392-8565
Fax: 352-392-8570