• Provide your instructor with your accommodation letter at the start of the semester. Have a conversation with them about what accommodated testing will look like for you.
  • Your instructor may provide you with your testing accommodations. If they cannot do so or you have assistive technology accommodations, you and your instructor will need to utilize our testing system to set up your assessments at the DRC.
  • It is very important to talk to your instructor about your accommodations as soon as possible. You will be unable to submit an Accommodated Test Request (ATR) until your instructor completes a testing contract with us.
  • Once your instructor submits a testing contract, then you will be able to submit an ATR.
  • ATRs MUST be submitted at least 4 business days in advance of your exam date. Submit your Accommodated Test Requests (ATR) as soon as you find out your exam dates.
  • If you cannot submit an ATR for whatever reason, you are still responsible for contacting the DRC (testing@ufsa.ufl.edu) at least 4 business days in advance. Please contact us via email if you cannot submit an ATR.
  • You will not be able to submit ATRs less than 4 business days in advance of your exam date. If you miss the deadline to schedule your exam with the DRC, you may have to test with your class without accommodations.
  • We strongly recommend reading over our FAQs page below in order to better understand the process of testing at DRC.
  • When you are ready to submit an ATR and have read over our FAQs, click “ENTER TO STUDENT PORTAL” below. 

IF YOU MISS THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT AN ATR, you may use the button below that says “Missed the 4 business day deadline?” to submit a deadline exception request. Our staff will review the form you submit and will get back to you. Please know that requests for deadline exceptions are only approved on a case by case basis and the testing office may decline your request for an exception to our testing policy.