Thank You for your interest in volunteering at the UF Disability Resource Center (DRC)! The DRC offers volunteering opportunities through the DRC Ambassador Program, ADA (Ambassadors for Disability Awareness). By volunteering and serving as an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to promote and foster a more inclusive campus by promoting disability awareness to re-shape preconceived ideas about people with disabilities.

By serving as an “Ambassador for Disability Awareness” (ADA): Under the guidance of the Disability Resource Center, this committee works to advocate for students with disabilities on campus. This is accomplished through educational outreach initiatives, interactive events, and providing a constant platform for students of all abilities. Through collaboration with other organizations on campus, we strive to reduce stigma surrounding disability and empower all our students.

Duties Include:

  • Attending weekly meetings to learn about disability on campus and plan awareness events (1hr. volunteer time/week for attending). Time to be determined.
  • Participate in the multiple opportunities to volunteer and serve campus and the Gainesville community. Examples include:
    • Plan and participate in the semester “Accessibility Expo”. This is a large event held at the Plaza of the America’s where campus and community organizations are invited to share resources and spread awareness of disability. Activities in the past have included wheel chair races, activities that define accessibility, and learning more about how to get involved on campus to de-stigmatize disability. There is a lot of planning, outreach, and interaction that occurs in the planning and execution of this event that will count towards fulfilling your hours.
    • During the semester, we partner and participate with campus/community disability related events and activities that will be shared with you during the weekly ADA meetings. The ADA group will also be organizing a community service project (ex. Building a wheelchair ramp for a person in the community).
  • Work closely with the Student Government Disability Affairs Cabinet Director on how to best address access and disability concerns on campus.
  • Create outreach materials for the campus community that raises attitudinal and physical barriers that people with disabilities encounter.

As you can see, the semester is filled with opportunities to discuss and plan disability awareness events as well as attend and participate in other campus events aimed at promoting inclusion.

If you would like to volunteer with the DRC, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with more information. Any additional questions can be sent to Amanda Brown at

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