If you have a concern with the timely and/or effective implementation of your accommodations, please contact your assigned Disability Resource Center (DRC) staff member. Upon notification, your assigned staff member will work with you and appropriate University personnel in an attempt to resolve your concern. If you feel your concern was not resolved satisfactorily or if you feel further attention is needed, you can submit a Student Concern form below.

Please note the form below is intended to assist in mediation to resolve issues surrounding disability related concerns that may include but are not limited to: failure to accommodate, inappropriate disability related comments, and general accessibility issues. If your concern is not within the scope of services provided by the DRC please contact the Dean of Students Office (DSO) to help assist you.

If you have questions or concerns about general campus accessibility (e.g. access to campus facilities), please contact the ADA Compliance Office located at 916 Newell Drive by calling 352-392-1591.